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Welcome to the Mahjong Party!

Mahjong Party is not just our business name, it is what we think about the game. There is a feeling of a party, a get together, a gathering, around mahjong. The gathering of friends coming together exists because of the sense of community around the game.

Our founder, Mona, always looked forward to having the mahjong community over for their monthly mahjong party. Growing up, she would spend several days with her Mom preparing food for the mahjong party. It was always a treat to eat so many cultural treats from Hong Kong and Macau. Her parents would host up to 16 people every month for mahjong. It was a joyous time but also deeper than that. These friends, this community, they lived through WWII together. They lived through hardships, trauma, difficult times, and they laughed through fun times, weddings, celebrations, and mahjong parties. They played together every weekend for decades.

At Mahjong Party, we are not just showing you how to play the game, we are working on bringing recipes and videos of how to make cultural dishes and stories from the mahjong community to you. We want to show you everything involved in having a Mahjong Party - all aspects of how to play the game, how to host your own mahjong party, the recipes to make, the best food to buy or bring along, how to set up and host a mahjong party for anywhere from 4 people up to 16 people or more.

Lastly, we want to give you the experience of the mahjong community. We want to bring you stories from all over the world about mahjong and how it brought friends together. So come in, check back again, there will be stories from the mahjong community, as we meet and chat with mahjong players that obtain such joy from the game.


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