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Mahjong Party and the Mahjong Community blog

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I just want to introduce us and chat about what our vision is for mahjong and the mahjong community globally and in Asia. It is estimated that 600,000,000 people play mahjong worldwide. There are 35 countries that have mahjong representatives in worldwide mahjong organizations. The game began in Asia, and then spread globally. There is a vast difference between the styles of play in some countries and the nuances in the game between countries. For this reason, we have 2 separate blogs to discuss mahjong.

Our site and blog here at The Mahjong Party is focused on the Asian styles of mahjong. For teaching, we are beginning with a focus on the Hong Kong or Classical style of mahjong, and later will expand to the other styles of play found throughout Asia. We will feature in depth interviews with people and businesses in the the Asian mahjong community, explaining some of the Asian culture and nuances around mahjong, Asian recipes, food, and traditions around mahjong. There are many complexities to the Asian styles of play, so we wanted to have a site fully dedicated to that. The blog on Mahjong Party is therefore about the Asian styles of the game and the Asian community.

We have another blog, The Mahjong Community blog, which is where we discuss mahjong on a global scale. Mahjong is played worldwide, in the USA, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and in many more countries. The Mahjong Community blog will go into the worldwide interest in mahjong and will interview players from around the globe. It will feature articles about mahjong jewellery and designs that include the NMJL version of play. In comparison, here on Mahjong Party, we focus solely on Asian styles of play, and the products, merchandise and jewellery that solely reflect that of Asian styles of play.

Our course platform is being built out to feature a course that goes into depth about the Hong Kong style of play, and we will also feature other styles of play on our learning platform which reflect the tremendous global presence of mahjong.

We welcome you to both our blogs, or whichever one suits you most. Mahjong is such a complex, fascinating game, we hope to share our insights with you wherever you find us. You can find our other blog about mahjong on a global scale here:

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