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Feb 01, 2022
Thank you for being a Mahjong Party VIP! You have exclusive access to this forum. We want to thank you for being a supporter of our business as we move towards launching! We are building a monthly subscription model which will include bonus content, strategy discussions via video and game walkthroughs, artwork, and extra quizzes. Your comments, feedback and requests are taken seriously. We may not be able to incorporate all of your ideas into our content but your ideas will definitely be considered here! You are shaping the very feel and look of our company, we are happy to have you onboard! These 5 topics cover off areas that will be in our subscription model: Artwork - this is where we will post up photography or artwork we want to use in future lessons and you can give us your feedback. Apps & Games - this is content based around the various apps and games where you can play mahjong, we focus on the Hong Kong style of mahjong. You will get access to some exclusive videos to watch months before we put it out to the public for viewing. Content - this is where we discuss future content, bonus lessons, and where you can make requests for specific topics for future lessons Quizzes - this is quiz based content, you can provide your feedback and make requests for quiz topics you want to see built out Videos - this is exclusive video content on what we are going to be putting in our subscription area. You get to see videos months before it goes anywhere else. You can provide feedback, make comments on our videos and make requests for videos that you want to see


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