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USA Gamers: You Could Get Paid to Get Fit

Vitamin Enriched Films is looking for gamers who want to be part of a fitness study. If you qualify, you would get $,1500, athletic apparel worth 500 Euro, and get a personal trainer during the study, a value of 1500 Euro. Read the details to see if you qualify, and get in touch with them if you are interested! Full details are here, on their website.

Some quick details:

Qualification requirements:

You are an USA resident, residing in the USA.

You play intellectual mind games on a competitive level (see games below for details)

You are competing in a tournament in July, August, and September 2022 in your game

You are able and willing to participate in a 5 month exercise program - it goes from end of April to September - wow, that is coming up quick, so get in touch with them sooner rather later if you are interested

You are willing to be tested and assessed multiple times before, during, and after the 5 month exercise program

You are not an athlete or fitness buff - this study assesses the changes in your competitive edge (cognitive performance) due to changing your exercise level. It is geared towards taking a couch potato gamer and assessing how much better they do at gaming when they start working out regularly. If you are currently in really good shape because you workout regularly at an intense level, you are not an ideal candidate.

Some details about the study:

The study is being conducted by a well known sports apparel brand

They are looking at the connection between movement and cognitive mind performance

Games that qualify include:








Board Games

The games must be played at a competitive level (you play in tournaments and compete)

You must be playing in tournaments in your game in July, August, September, 2022

Prepare to prove gaming experience and tournament participation with screenshots

If you are selected for the study:

You have to get a health assessment prior to getting started

You get an exercise program designed for you

You need to commit to your exercise program

You need to track your exercise on Runkeeper

Payment details:

When you complete the study and its requirements, you get paid $1,500

You get 500 Euro in footwear and apparel from the athletic sports brand sponsor

You get a personal trainer for the duration of the study, valued at 1,500 Euro

Check out the full details on the Vitamin Enriched Films website!

This is a sponsored post from Vitamin Enriched Films. Please obtain full details from their website and contact them directly for any questions.

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