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Mahjong Community Spotlight on Kitty Wu

We recently wrote about Kitty Wu in our Mahjong Community blog. The Mahjong Community blog likes to share stories about the global mahjong community, its people, businesses, and passions. On that blog, we want to give you insight into the mahjong community, the vast range of people who love the game, and the connections they have to family, friends, and the world. Here on Mahjong Party, we like to approach the connection to mahjong and the mahjong community focusing on the Asian aspects.

Over the past month, I spent some time chatting with Kitty Wu, a full-time entrepreneur. Kitty Wu is a holistic health coach and founder of Kitty Wu Coaching. Our video interview with her is now up on our YouTube channel.

Her mission is to help women of color heal any unconscious limiting beliefs, in order to manifest their healthiest selves. I really love how she focuses on unconscious limiting beliefs. For instance, this photograph here says it all:

For many of us, we feel that we have to starve, heavily restrict our eating, in order to accomplish our health goals, she is a shining example of living a well balanced life. and having a lot of fun while remaining enviously fit.

Kitty Wu enjoys regularly networking, modeling, traveling, and other creative pursuits. She has served numerous clients across the US & internationally, and is heavily involved in supporting the BIPOC community through philanthropy and collaborations with other minority leaders & creatives. She hosts weekly interviews on IG Live.

During our chats, she told me how she grew up around the Taiwanese style of mahjong. She still plays with her family and relatives every visit. Their mahjong gatherings involve potluck dinner followed by lots of laughter and fun at the mahjong table.

For those not familiar with the style differences in mahjong, there are numerous ways to play the game. I discussed the variations and styles in depth in this interview on That Entertains. For countries in Asia, countries and regions have their own style of play. For instance, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea each have their own style of play. China has its own style. However, within those styles of play there are variations. For instance, there are numerous ways to play the Hong Kong style.

The Taiwanese style of mahjong plays with 16 tiles and requires acquiring the 17th tile to win. In comparison, the Hong Kong style plays with 13 tiles and requires acquiring the 14th tile to win. Many components of the game are similar, as is the case for most styles of mahjong. Pongs and chows are the majority of the game. The largest difference usually comes down to scoring. Scoring then changes the game play drastically because it affects the type of hands you will create. For instance, in Hong Kong mahjong, you would need to either have no flowers, or your own flower to score points. In Taiwanese mahjong, you can have any flower to score points.

It is a real joy to play either style. One of the biggest joys of playing mahjong is to have so many varieties of the game to play regardless of what style you are playing. I look forward to bringing you more information on the different styles of mahjong in future blogs posts.

Interested in finding out more about Kitty Wu? Follow her on Instagram and Facebook. For ladies interested in her Facebook group it is called Holistic Health Queens.

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