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Mahjong Cakes

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

There are so many fabulous mahjong cakes on Instagram! We decided to showcase a few here on our blog. Our inspiration came from our post on our global mahjong community site, the full post can be seen here:

Let's see the cakes that inspired today's post! The first is from Vancouver, BC in Canada. I love the cake and the beautiful mahjong tiles. I actually lost a mahjong game once to such a rare and beautiful mahjong hand once. It is wonderful to see these high value tiles on a cake. @stephanieskitchenvancouver:

We then go over to Singapore for an agar agar cake. I love agar agar so I would really like to try this one! For those not familiar with agar agar, it is a vegetable based gelatin. @foodmapping:

We then have a cake from a bicoastal bakery, with location in New York and in Taiwan.


This next one includes a video clip so you can see the various mahjong tiles. This cake is from Australia. @sweet_licious_brisbane:

Last, we have another cake from Singapore. This one is from Angellabakes. We are going to feature Angellabakes in an in depth interview in the near future so check back to find out more information on the beautiful mahjong cakes out in Singapore! @angellabakes:

Thanks for tuning in!

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