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The Monthly Subscription Details

Once you take either of our courses you may want to get even deeper into mahjong topics. Our subscription plan is also suited for the player who already plays mahjong and does not want to learn the basics that we present in our course line up. We will be offering a monthly subscription plan to lessons on strategy, game play walkthroughs, decision making videos, charts and graphs that show ways to create hands in more detail, plus other bonus content.

For our Kickstarter backers we offer a chance to obtain our subscription content for a discount in price while we start to build out our bonus content. We will be selling our monthly subscription for $10/month. As an exclusive bonus for our Kickstarter backers, we will reduce this add-on by 30% to $7/month for the 1st year while we build it up with content. 

We expect the release date for our subscription plan to be closer to 2024 after we complete our lessons lineup for the Quick Start Method and The Full Course offerings. 

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